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From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 00:38:56: guh, my HEAD.
  • 03:29:44: omg crying for two hours straight was not what I had in mind for tonight's movie but I should have expected it. Departures = 4.9 stars
  • 03:40:55: possibly sick? ugh, i feel awful. awesome movie only distracted me for so long...
  • 18:21:17: Photo: zlot: Holy popsicles! I approve! It’s kind of weird how the woman in each photo is staged as smaller... http://tumblr.com/xpaf4vjdx
  • 19:03:34: Photo: jilmers: JEMAINE. How can you be so CUTE in that crown? And like, all the time. But especially in the... http://tumblr.com/xpaf4z5r2
  • 19:15:13: just a normal day, talkin' Umbridge rape on F!S, dumdedoo....
  • 20:52:28: outlined Poppy Pomfrey fic. At LEAST 35 chapters of very long length? D:
  • 22:21:17: Photo: Weird thing about me: I’ve been reading HP fanfic voraciously for years and years. HP fic, and the... http://tumblr.com/xpaf5hiw9
  • 22:29:27: Video: lamamama: GLORIOUS VICTORY http://tumblr.com/xpaf5i9zk

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