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This is absolutely perfect.

So I'm getting into ornithological folklore (stories about birds) because I had this idea maybe a month ago that every Harry Potter character could have a bird associated with them. Unfortunately I don't know enough about European birds to make it up off the cuff, so I got a few totally fascinating books and have been investigating. Anyway, the end goal of this is to do something that I absolutely know I do NOT have the skillset for, which would be character portraits of each one of the HP people interacting with or holding their bird. Snape with a Raven (maybe not a raven, we'll see), and so-on, with the relevant bird myth and explanation somehow either worked into the picture or appended, like some kind of small book? I'm unsure. This all goes into my long standing tradition of getting ideas for REALLY classy practically disguised fanart. Back in the day I wanted to make abstract Smash Bros. fanart of each character's attack, like big swishy green fireballs on canvas for luigi and a cubist rendering of frying pans and golf clubs and turnips for peach. ANYWAY, I digress.

I'm a folklore nerd, so I'm mostly doing this not to actually make the art but for the educational journey itself and it is FASCINATING stuff. But when I come across something that's just so so SO perfect for my original plan... oh GAWD, I wish I could draw people! *pained*

Cranes were also said by some to use stones as a form of warning device. While resting between migratory flights, the birds would post sentries to watch for surprise attacks, and those lookout birds would stand on one leg and carry a stone in the other. Should they happen to doze off, their grip on the stone would loosen and it would fall to the ground, waking them up in the process. In heraldic devices representing vigilance, cranes are often depicted standing on one leg, holding a stone in the other.
"Flights of Fancy: Birds in Myth, Legend and Superstition" by Peter Tate, page 14 published by Random House UK Copyright 2007.

Furthermore, cranes were rumored to carry smaller birds on their back on long migratory flights, and are large, grey, impressive birds that only show up on one leg of their migration in Europe.