Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Brain is Broken'd

Lol hey eljay my old BFF, what up? I don't post on you EVER anymore. T_T

Tumblr is totally spastic and absurd and the only people who take it seriously SUCK and nobody takes a consistent view on post formatting and oh MAN i miss comments. But... apparently it's where all the cool kids are these days. It makes me feel like this:

Anyway. If you aren't following me on tumblr, you SHOULD BE. And if you want me to follow you (not that I promise I will) you should leave me a link in this post so I can know who you people all are.

I don't know how to quit you, LJ. You've been my homepage for like, 8 years! But these days I don't pay any attention to my flist except for community posts. I'm just as nerdy as ever, though. I think it's LJ that's changed, and not me, amazingly enough. OH WELL. I'll figure something out.

Oh, I hear there was a new episode of iCarly? I don't give a damn unless Sam and Freddie admit their undying love for one another during heat stroke. THERE I SAID IT. THE SHIPPERY RUINED THE SHOW FOR ME. EFF YOU GUYS. SEDDIE 4EVA.

.....what? I'm still awake from yesterday? I just spent $30 on ornithology folklore and historical anthropology books for light reading? I have to clean my entire house and pack for a cross-country plane flight in two days? I have to go to the apple store and submit myself before the shiny mac gods and beg them to replace my jank-ass battery? I STILL have the opening song to A Very Potter Musical stuck in my head, COMBINED with Alejandro?? Oh, I see.

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