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From Twitter 06-22-2010

  • 13:39:15: Today's Adventure: The Kitten Rescue
  • 15:12:06: Dear How It's Made: Please stop the narration. I just want sweet techno beats and assembly-line porn!
  • 16:13:53: Photo: Secret Star Trek Cosplay You can be secure in the knowledge that you’re dressed for an interstellar... http://tumblr.com/xpac0swqm
  • 17:59:53: oh em gee, there is a kitten in my bathroom!
  • 23:43:35: Photo: Secret Snow White Picnic Cosplay Stay classy during a forest picnic in this getup of primary colors.... http://tumblr.com/xpac1k8ee
  • 23:55:31: omg omg omg spumoni gelato <333333

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