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OMG, this kitten was in my bathroom for a few hours today! (three cute pictures & explanation under the cut)

My friend Kevin loves cats, so when the crazy neighbor girl (whom his roommate is dating) picked up a preggers stray cat as part of her spay & release cat volunteer program, they let her keep mom and her 4 babies in their spare bathroom. Of course, Kevin fell in wuv and adopted two of them. This particular kitten is named Trailblazer (oy) and she is small and black and a total troublemaker. She ate this toy that was basically like a shoelace, and she had to have surgery to have it removed! :O :O :O

She's okay though. They had to keep her at neighbor girl's apartment because her brother cat, Frank, inspires her to go CRAZY and destroy everything. Despite the relative peace of neighbor girl's flat, TB managed to rip open her sutures only a few days after her surgery! :O :O :O

So Kevin, who works for Microsoft and couldn't take the whole damn day off of work to pick TB up from the vet, asked Ian for a favor. We went to the vet and picked a re-stapled Trailblazer up for him before they closed, kept her for a few hours until Kevin got home from work, and deposited her back home.

I hadn't seen her since she was maybe 10 weeks old. She's still awful cute, but not nearly as teeny tiny. She's a major sweetie, and clearly didn't give a damn diddly about having just had surgery. Her cone clearly annoyed her, but not enough to keep her from jamming her head into any available corners.

She is a licker. After full exploration of the bathroom (to keep her separated from our killer death cat, Scully the Destroyer) she decided that the Sherpa bag that we brought her home in seemed like the best place to chillax. She just sort of idly licked the inside of her cone, as though it was the thing to do.

Adorable kitten meows are SUCH a welcome change to Scully the Destroyer's deathyowls.


I don't know if she remembered my smell or what, but as soon as I sat down on the floor she'd pop right over and sit on my lap and purr like crazy. Too bad Scully spent the few hours of TB's visit hissing, spitting, scratching at the bathroom door and generally camping out in preparation for destruction. I would love to have a kitten visitor.

When we gave Trailblazer back to Kevin, he was extremely pleased. He likes cats so much, it's adorable. I tried to briefly have a conversation with him, but he just sort of trailed after his kittens out of view into the kitchen in the middle of my sentence. So, we took our leave. I'm imagining that right now he's lying on the floor encouraging them to walk all over him and giggling.

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