Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

On the jubblies.

Went bra shopping today. It was much less of a nightmare than usual because at this point I have resigned myself to spending multiple hundreds of dollars on these hydraulic suspension mechanisms, and I went to this place that was HIGHLY recommended from lots of sources.

The damage: $225
The goods: 3 bras

My boobs are to the point where I'm a different cup size in damn near every brand that makes them as big as I am. Luckily, my band size seems to have stayed consistent. The shopgirl concluded that I am, according to their store-specific sizing system (that they use to keep track of all the different brands' versions) a 34I. An I?? As in, ABCDEFGHI. Jesus. According to Freya, I'm a 34FF. In Panache, I'm 34GG. In Fantasie, I'm a 34G. Who knows! *throws hands up in the air*

God, I hate bras. And my breasts. Why are they so big? Why can't the fat go SOMEWHERE ELSE?? Why can't the lipids think to themselves "hmm, I think today I'll pop on down to the butt-area, maybe give her some junk in the trunk." I would be SO OKAY with this. I have no hope of being a skinny little slip of a girl, but if only my badonkadonk would be *equally* bodacious to my upper continents, I would perhaps be content.

So I now have 5 bras that fit me. Two are black (one of which is all lacy and ohlala), two are paley mc pale person skintone, and one is ZOMG BRIGHT PINK FLORAL. I'm pretty excited about the bright pink floral one. Too bad I am an anathema to menfolk.

PS: I don't think I said, but the store I went to was Zovo Lingerie down in University Village. It was a very comfortable store and I liked the changing rooms a lot, and the fact that everyone coming in was like "ugh I can't find good bras, I'm such a weird size!" was comforting. Also the shopgirl was really not pushy at all. Sometimes when you go to Nordie's or whatever the bra girls are all touching you and trying to teach you how to put on your bra right and feeling you up and whatever. UGH. I oooobviously know how to get my boobs into these contraptions by now, stop telling me I don't know what I'm doing! So this girl was just "here are some more to try on!" and "Oh, that fits GREAT!" or "It looks fun but is it comfy enough?" or "Oh you can't see but it's gapping in the back there" and then just came back with different ones for me to try. Much better. /rant off

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