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Ian likes to link me to Beartatos that I might enjoy. He thinks I'm just like the bird dude and he's just like Beartato. This link jumpstarted the following IM convo:

(5:05) Sarah Pinansky: ......i had a dream
with beartato in it
(5:05) Ian Urbina: that's alarming
(5:05) Sarah Pinansky: i was...
i think I was Ron, you know, from HP
and I was in a group of people
with.... my older brother Percy, Sabrina (the teenaged witch), Harvey Kinkle her muggle BF...
and we were trying to escape persecution
and my dad had given me a pen?
and if I covered a picture of something up with ink from the fountain pen i stored it
and i was flipping through what... in recollection was like a print-out of internet sites
one of which was scarygoround, i definitely recorded Amy and Shelley
and another of which was Beartato
but it wouldn't record beartato and i got all pissed
and also we were being driven around in a giant SUV by Queen Latifah
through some place in Texas
with really high mountains
so it was desert and then we drove up to snow
and tried to get to this big fabric store
which Queen Latifah evidently owned
and on our way through the snow
we saw these HUGE, like, bigger than elephant sized reindeer
that were being wrangled by groups of 2-3 cowboys in sky blue hats each
they had curly orange fur.
cool dream
(5:09) Ian Urbina: you're nuts
(5:09) Sarah Pinansky: uh, anyway, i'm gonna go read the comic now
did he accidentally roast a unicorn
(5:10) Ian Urbina: it would appear so, yes