Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Last night I made this:

I had fun, so I decided to ask people on tumblr for ideas on a second HP-tacular wallpaper. Cheska suggested that I make a wallpaper about Butterbeer. This is all well and good except I mostly like to manipulate text, so I wanted to find a quote about butterbeer and work with that. Unfortunately, although HP canon is one of the most exhaustively argued and wanked IPs out there, the fandom has yet to get as properly organized as, say, Star Trek fandom with an exhaustive searchable wiki of quotes or anything. Damn JKR and her need to object to the Lexicon guy! *shakes fist ironically* So, to find quotes about butterbeer, I guess I have to look through the books myself.

I pulled out HP1, the philosopher's stone. I haven't read this one in a long while. I used to reread each book before the next one came out, but as of the Half-Blood Prince I found out that I could practically quote each page of the first one, so I just read the book right before the new one instead. So I don't remember much about this one that isn't clouded by fanfic recollections. It's so short! And Harry doesn't even get onto the Hogwarts Express until a whole third of the way through the book! Omg! There's such pacing weirdness in this one. I don't even know if butterbeer is mentioned, either. But... but... well, I flipped through till Harry and Hagrid got to the Leaky Cauldron, and then it sucked me in, and now I guess I have to read it. Am I allowed to just start reading it a 3rd of the way through? Do I have to go back and read all the sad bits about Harry being abused and locked in a cupboard and talking to snakes and Hogwarts letters?

Anyway. I'm sorry I'm talking about Harry Potter so much. I guess that, after all of my tv shows for the season had their finales, I kinda had a nerd void that needed filling. Now in my head I'm comparing HP to Glee. Is Hermione Rachel? Does that make Draco Puck? Is Ron Finn? And that makes Harry.... Kurt??? Oh man, worst crossover ever.

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