Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 06-06-2010

  • 00:48:48: @ashleyjanne HIGH FIVES
  • 03:45:32: @aergonaut oh BARF. everyone knows maximalism is where it's at, anyway.
  • 05:12:41: brush up on my patriarchy blaming, then biff off to kotaku to read objectifying comments re: pax boothbabe policy.
  • 05:13:12: wish that my whole internet operated under the same constraints sometimes so i wouldnt have to be bombarded with the lady-hate
  • 17:11:39: Photo: honey-power: ROFLNOCEROUS http://tumblr.com/xpab3n6yv
  • 17:47:12: racism wank on F!S, you tire me and make me watch kitten videos less than halfway through.
  • 19:27:57: itscalledobsession: A+++GREED. Rupert Grint being huggable aside, they take out ALL the best Ron stuff in the... http://tumblr.com/xpab3v3po
  • 20:19:23: Photo: squoctobird: *cof* http://tumblr.com/xpab3yapu
  • 20:27:02: is harry potter my starwars? am I gonna be a bitter 40 year old complaining about Dumbledore/Grindlewald licensed prequels?
  • 22:18:03: the anywhos guy on next food network star is my favorite guy
  • 23:08:16: Photo: nehahaha: Who are you, random tumblr person? AND WHY HAVE YOU READ MY BRAIN EXACTLY?!?!? http://tumblr.com/xpab47hwj
  • 23:15:00: wolfgang puck made a man cry about doughnuts. baaaaaaaawwwwwww

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