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I am in trubs!

It's 3:33am, and I'm awake. This is not unusual for me, but it is unusual for me this week, as I seem to have been subject to a bout of anemia-induced fatigue and general crapitude the last four days or so, and thus have been passing the hell out at like, 9pm. Today, I managed to feel better, due in no small part I'm sure to the two enormous extremely red beets I roasted and stuffed into my facehole yesterday. So I spent today hiking around downtown with Ian and his mother. We went on the Underground Tour, which everyone had told us was actually rather great, but I found to be kind of musty and tiring, with a large heapfull of over-rehearsed tour guide humor. It was okay I guess, and now I know about Seattle history somewhat? But it wasn't nearly the delightful experience of wonderment I had been told to expect. ANYWAY, so due to timing silliness we spent about two hours wandering around Pioneer Square in the chilly damp, then finally hitting the actual Underground tour, which was hiking around underneath the city and above the city, all standing and clambering along stairs, for about two hours, and then walking back up the slight but eventually exhausting slope to the hotel. Normally this would be perfectly pleasant for me, as I do enjoy being a pedestrian, and Seattle is a nice place to walk around in due to the fact that cars won't run you over with impunity, but today this was seriously cutting it close.

None of that detail up there is relevant, I just kinda wanted to whine some. Anyway long story short, my energy reserves are fully drained, but I needed to stay awake past 9pm so I wouldn't wake up at 2am and stay up till dawn and then get only a few hours of sleep, because in the morning Ian's mom is coming up to Fremont. We're doing the market, and we'll hike up to the Troll, and take her to all of the cute shops, and eventually we'll go to the really good sushi place, and generally do it up. So that's fine but I have to be awake for this stuff!

And here I am, awake in the wee hours, not even having fallen asleep and woken up previously. Oh, no, my friend. I'm not so smart as all that. No, instead, stupid tumblr inspired me to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. That picture of Rupert and Emma being all R/Hr shippy just made me desperately want to remember the book, and not all the fanfic after the book, to remember what part of the movie they might be filming, to remember what it was like to feel that flutter of resolution that very few IPs have given me.

I've only read it once. I read it the day it came out and arrived at my house, in about two sittings, and between those sittings I barely spoke to anyone, and after I finished it, I put it down and never read it again. I remembered it being good, but I was suspicious of my memory. This was in the height of my Potter-mania; I had just reread every single book previously and it had been an effort abolishing the fanfic versions and fanon conceits that had colored my brain. So I picked the book back up not expecting much. Oh, I said, I'll read a bit of it tonight, to help me get to sleep. I know what happens, so it won't be a page-turner, and I'm so exhausted I'll probably pass out with it pressed up against my cheek.

HAHAHA. A laugh! A lie! Guess what? THIS BOOK IS EXCELLENT.

I've never been a JKR fangirl. She's pretty badass but her writing isn't super genius and her skills as a storyteller are easily matched by many. I love the fandom of Harry Potter, and the world she created, and the characters she put down, certainly. So, too, do I love reading the Harry Potter books; they're just flat out fun to read. But they were never books that I couldn't put down unless I was in the throes of aforementioned Potter-mania. And they were never, you know, literature to me. But this one IS SO FANTASTIC. I guess that I would have read it in two sittings the first time even if I hadn't been desperately trying to get back to the internet without being spoiled. I know that I should be sleeping right now, but at the moment I'm trying to wrap up this attempt at breaking free of its devious spell in order to get back to reading it. And now that I know what happens, and how everything fits together, just, damn. The other books didn't improve with a reread, except perhaps for the purposes of pulling out plot bunnies; they were just as good as the first time but no better. This one, however, screams with cleverness on every page. I haven't even gotten to the good bits, either.

Okay, I'll go away now.


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May. 30th, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
This makes me want to reread ALL OF DEM. I came into Harry Potter way after everyone else. I read the whole series once through right before the sixth movie came out in theaters. I WANNA READ THEEEEEEEM.

Feel better, buttface.
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