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My mom is pretty awesome, you guys. (Hi Mom, who reads my LJ.)

This is the first half of an email I got from her today. I feel it worthy of sharing with other denizens of the internet:


I just read your livejournal and saw that you made brownies yesterday. This is really, really freaky since for some reason last night I remember thinking about my scratch brownie recipe and how good they are and how I wondered if you ever made them. I never make them anymore because we shouldn't eat them. How really freaky that I should have had that thought possibly at the exact moment that you were making them! I will enjoy them vicariously over the internet.

It's really no mystery why I talk the way I do.

(lol, not only do I have a "mom" tag, I also have a "baked goods" tag! Now if only I used any of my tags consistently...)


May. 27th, 2010 01:28 am (UTC)

Since when is leaving two comments on someone's LJ a creeper thing?? I unfriended you cuz you were all "blah blah blah stuff I don't care about" and I realized that your posts were like 75% of my flist and I never read them. And now I'm glad because looking at your LJ you talk about the new Doctor Who series and aaaaack I can't even get over Donna so I don't want to be all spoiled an' stuff.

Anyway your mom owes you brownies I think maybe. The end.