Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Harry Potter and the Old Lady Caravan

Okay, So

Step 1:
Learn to drive. (Difficulty level - High, Complication Details - Overcoming long-repressed childhood trauma)

Step 2:
Purchase a giant RV, schoolbus, or big ol' church van, and a smartphone. (Difficulty level - Medium, Complication Details - Severe lack of funds/rich friends most skeptical about entire idea)

Step 3:
Create landing pad website (Twitter, blog, etc) for Project, set up email system. (Difficulty level - Low, Complication Details - Nerd friends tend to be flakes)

Step 4:
Drive diagonally through USA, heading for Florida, picking up nerdy internet friends along the way. Act like big crazy hippies (without the drugs) what with painting our schoolbus like a giant gryphon with discount paints, having sing-alongs, visiting the world's biggest ball of yarn and the Corn Palace. (Difficulty level - High, Complication Details - Possibility for death, destruction, and ditching)

Step 5:
Arrive at THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER IN ORLANDO FLORIDA and rock it the fuck out. (Difficulty level - Low, Complication Details - Too much butterbeer may cause vomiting)

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