Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 05-23-2010

  • 12:55:00: @diplobrat -_-; So Monday through Wednesday you don't have fifteen minutes free where we could drop off our yogurt present?
  • 13:00:42: Photo: lookatthislittlething: This makes me salivate involuntarily. http://tumblr.com/xpaacm2vk
  • 13:10:07: had a dream that featured a young Oingo Boingo on video singing an a capella mashup of the Ghostbust theme, Thriller, and Weird Science. o_o
  • 13:19:50: So seriously someone make this medley mashup thing happen! It'd be AWESOME. Weird Science, Ghostbusters Theme, & Thriller? BAD. ASS.
  • 14:58:37: lookatthislittlething: ME TOO http://tumblr.com/xpaacs8ql
  • 21:33:52: Yeah, I think it's time for me to officially delete my facebook profile entirely forever.
  • 22:07:26: @lazycheskie lol I used Facebook maybe once a year? Less?
  • 23:49:38: @aergonaut I basically did NOTHING on facebook ever, so I didn't bother to delete stuff. I followed official instructions and everything.
  • 23:52:22: making brownies at midnight! and I'm not even high!

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