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Seeya Suckers

Announcement to random family members, old friends, and whoever else gives a damn who may have my Livejournal friended or bookmarked: I have permanently deleted my Facebook Account. Because Facebook is quite clearly evil, it forces me to wait two weeks until they officially delete it (or possibly squirrel away my super valuable personal information where I can no longer access it) but since my profile is only reactivated if I sign in during those two weeks, and I logged in about once every three months on average, it shouldn't be a problem.

So please don't be offended if I never accepted your friend requests, or your requests for playing Farmville, or looked at your pictures, or whatever the hell else you wanted me to do on Facebook. Considering their absolutely terrible privacy policies and their insidious methods of legal evasion, I might suggest that those of you who wish to share lovely family photos or status updates about various things get a tumblr, a livejournal, a blogger account, or a picasa account, and proceed from there. I can be found, as usual, in almost all of these places, as Mizufae.

*tips hat*


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May. 24th, 2010 11:17 pm (UTC)
Isn't it amazing how facebook went from a pretty crappy thefacebook.com when you all were freshmen (I think?) to a mega-evil conglomerate?

Its like watching Microsoft grow up, or something.
May. 25th, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
I remember being annoyed at it when I was a freshman because it was all secret and closed off. The only way to see other people's info was if you joined up and became part of the special club. This immediately smacked me as Teh Evolz. Of course, my first impression proved right.

It was certainly an improvement, visually speaking, on MySpace, but that quickly eroded into insane data-smooshed pages with a thousand little submenus and apps and popups and option dropdowns, within four or five months of my signing up. If people didn't figure out by then that Facebook was going to the dogs (not that it wasn't there to begin with) I figure they pretty much had it coming to them.

Much like I'm a 2nd wave feminist trapped in a 3rd wave woman's generation, I seem to be an early internet idealist trapped in the age group of the capitalist pigdogs of modern digital monetization. If a social networking ap isn't started with the BEST and PUREST of intentions, it's clearly made by the devil sent to trap us and exploit our info. Livejournal started out pure, and it's stayed fairly good, despite a whole lot of drama. And of course, its clones have assisted. Twitter also started out pure, and we'll see how they manage to stay financially afloat, but I'm ethically okay with Twitter. Facebook, though, started out with a specially exclusionary mindset, and despite opening itself up to anyone, it's always remained an exclusionary, labeling, secretive labyrinth of bullshit.

Microsoft by comparison is peachy, when taken as a whole.
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