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From Twitter 05-22-2010

  • 10:14:35: blaaaaaargh HEY MEGAN CALL ME BACK GODDAMN
  • 12:15:29: Officially pissed off. YAY. Fuck socializing, seeing as how I never got confirmation on being invited and my wingman wasn't coming weeks ago
  • 12:16:09: Also, I have my own goddamn tea. And it's BETTER THAN YOURS. It's from INDIA. It comes in a FANCY STASH BOX. harrumph harrumph
  • 17:37:31: At least one good thing happened today - Hahahha, my Katy Perry/Spock manip’s gone viral! Shoulda put a... http://tumblr.com/xpaab67p4
  • 18:13:11: Rachel's headache is so bad that it's bled through the ether TO ME! :(
  • 22:40:13: @diplobrat Can we come over tomorrow or are you STILL DYING?? Afternoon to dinner time?
  • 22:47:34: Video: http://tumblr.com/xpaabm0o3

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