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From Twitter 05-18-2010

  • 02:36:51: oh, great. after a day of horrid bloatiness and gross fullness, I'm suddenly ravenously hungry at 2:30AM. boooooo.
  • 02:42:22: Photo: Glowing Hexagonal Crystal LED Light as seen on Inhabitots.com Ack! I want this so bad. They remind me... http://tumblr.com/xpaa2yza3
  • 13:51:50: wake up w/ a britney spears song inexplicably stuck in my head, spend the next hour blearily reading about the Israeli debate... bleeergh
  • 14:16:26: If I don't get a ham sandwich inside of me right quick, there is gonna be a RECKONING.
  • 15:31:44: Photo: OH EM GEE. VOTE VOTE VOTE. (for Orolito) http://tumblr.com/xpaa3w45u
  • 15:32:51: @ZooBorns Orolito!!!!
  • 21:39:36: I wish Jim really HAD turned into a vampire after the bat episode. & he'd just keep coming into work... FOR ALL ETERNITY MWUAHAHAHA

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