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From Twitter 05-16-2010

  • 02:37:46: writers of the office fanfic: Pam has OTHER defining characteristics apart from "liking art" and, in fact, is not automatically drawn to it.
  • 02:38:25: ugh seriously am i gonna have to pull a point & click on this fucking fandom too? please don't make me.
  • 03:00:49: @lazycheskie only in a metaphorical sense. and i'm sure i'd bitch about it for weeks on twitter before starting to write a sentence.
  • 04:22:41: Photo: stellardeuce: Alright people. I give up. I admit it. Link me to some fic already. Banter-filled,... http://tumblr.com/xpa9zax8q
  • 04:57:59: @lazycheskie whaaat! so much STUFF happens! And only like 10% of it makes ANY sense! XD
  • 16:05:06: Photo: lamamama: Gotta make another wallpaper sometime very soon! Maybe after pastries today… http://tumblr.com/xpaa08pr0
  • 17:16:58: Photo: bugseatbooks: I’m not ashamed to say that I Ship It. It’s for Liz’s own good! http://tumblr.com/xpaa0cfnr

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