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So, Ian, (the guy I live with, platonically; the only semi-applicable term we've found so far is "we're bros, but Sarah's a gay bro... with a vagina.. and boobs" but I digress) woke me up today with the most pitiful voice ever. He told me what time it was and then he said that he NEEDED me, which he never EVER EVER EVER does, unless there's something legitimately wonkified.

Turns out that something he ate yesterday gave him food poisoning (lead suspect: contaminated raspberries) and he spent all night puking his guts out. AWESOME. So I needed to journey to the regular convenience store to purchase gingerale and saltines.

You see, Ian and I live in the coolest apartment building ever, directly on top of a grocery store. It's totally life changing, but unfortunately, it's an *organic* grocery store, a PCC, and they do NOT have brand name saltines, nor do they carry gingerale made with real corn syrup. This has sort of happened to us before, a few years ago when we lived down the road from a Whole Foods, and we discovered that real ginger gingerale and sawdust whole grain saltines DO NOT CUT IT when you are a sicky. At the time, though, we were in Boston, where corner stores are literally on every corner, so it wasn't such a big deal, apart from my short-lived corn syrup ban being broken.

So anyway I journeyed all of like, five blocks to the only place in my hippy dippy fucking yuppie neighborhood where one can buy shit like cans of spaghettios and cigarettes that aren't clove flavored or hand rolled, and got Ian his "real" gingerale and saltines. No biggy, but I was worried. Ian is super annoying when he gets sick, not because he's a whiny patient, but because he doesn't let me take care of him. This really throws me for a fucking loop. So the fact that he was weak enough to forlornly wake me up and ask me nicely to go get him crackers was already a big old warning sign. But then he just went back into his room and didn't make a peep.

Over the course of the day I've gone in and checked on him every few hours, and luckily by the end of the afternoon he said that he was feeling better, having had a long nap and all. He also hadn't thrown up since 9am, which was good, but mostly spoke to his not having had anything inside of him to throw up. He said he tried to eat two saltines and it was really hard for him. I bought him an unflavored fizzy water (he normally chugs the lime stuff, I don't get it, ugh) and he looked to have drank 3/4s of it last I saw. I kept trying to push food on him. Not difficult food, but it's important to have a little protein and some simple bland stuff, like potatoes or chicken broth or something with a couple nutrients in it, so you can have the energy to fix yourself up.

Well so it was dinner time and I was like "I bought you some chicken broth, I'll heat you up a cup of it!" and "I got bananas! You want to try eating one?" But he said no. And THEN he said that he'd had a FEVER ALL DAMN DAY. He'd been sleeping on and off and he felt really really warm and here I was, trying to feed a fucking fever? No, it's the other way around you idiot. So he told me that he was gonna take some tylenol and some sleep-inducing meds and just go to sleep at like, 8pm. So I brought him a glass full of ice cubes and left him to do just that.

Then I frittered away the rest of the night and I haven't heard a thing from him and AUGH. I don't know if he's better or if he's like, dead in his bed or WHAT. What if he's TRAPPED IN A FEVER DREAM. What if he SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTS. What if he STARVES TO DEATH OVER NIGHT.

I'm sure he's fine, and that if there was a serious problem he would rally his remaining strength and at least make some sort of howling noise to get my attention. But I remain nervous and worried because I do not like it when people are sick and then they go into their little hidey holes and don't let me hover around them AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH


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May. 16th, 2010 09:09 am (UTC)
I hope he gets well soon.

And appreciates your care.
May. 16th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)

Use the chicken broth!

(But I'm hoping he gets well soon. Fevers are no fun and I am the same way when someone gets sick. I have to check on them all the time until they yell at me to just let them be.)
May. 16th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
Ugh. We were living the saltines and jello diet a week ago. Fortunately, we have an honest to god Safeway on the island, stocked with artificial flavor and preservative laden foods.
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