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My brother Sam visited me this last week! This is fairly remarkable because Sam lives in Tokyo and never has any free time and hey, crossing the Pacific specifically to visit me at a random time instead of a wedding/funeral/designated family gathering. He spent the majority of his "vacation" working, which was suckish, but yesterday he finally managed to hack away at his backlog and we drove out to the mountains for a pic-a-nic. I've lived in Seattle for a year now and I had yet to properly leave the city, so this was awesome. For one thing, the weather was GORGEOUS. For another thing, woah, totes majestic.

Because I am poor and Sam has enough gadgetry to haul around without adding a camera to the mix, we ended up relying on Ian's dubious iphone camera skills.

We drove up north to a national park. This was some kinda big ol' mountain of fabulousness. I am bad with knowing where the heck we went because I was mostly yelling "COWS!" and "HORSIES!" whenever we drove past any. Once we drove past sheep! We apparently drove along this scenic route called the "Mountain Loop Highway" and, according to Ian, this is where we ate lunch on google maps: click! It's pretty dang nice, check out the street view. Anyway I think the mountain we're standing in front of was one of the "Big Four"?? Mountains be crazy. It was a lovely picnic area with a river running along a little ways back and a nice wooden path back towards the ice caves in the mountain that we wandered along for a bit.

And this is my new favorite picture of me. I'm displaying the Authentic Organic Washington State Apples that we had purchased for our pic-a-nic. They were delicious.

Upon looking at these photos I'm horrified to note how much my brother and I look alike. I am dismayed.

Still though, hey single dudes of the internet, if you want to wake up to that face hovering above your sleeping form every morning, I'm on the market~ @_@


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May. 13th, 2010 10:18 am (UTC)
So am I, single dudettes of the internet...
May. 13th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
yes, you of the pretty cure LJ icon, I cannot possibly fathom why either of us might be single at the moment... >_>
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