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From Twitter 05-07-2010

  • 00:04:52: ok, i'm rewriting crap fic on the fly in my head to make it sound better in my brain. i've run out of the good stuff. *pout*
  • 00:32:21: @aergonaut it's not SO BAD. it's just mediocre. lazy writing. i embellish things to make it more poetic in my head. idk, i'm a freak.
  • 21:21:18: @twiggymcbones Mocha & Lincoln??? Are you a mother or a car manufacturer??
  • 22:03:49: Photo: yourfavoriteredhead: A++ Would watch cold open again. But seriously, I’m starting not to care how much... http://tumblr.com/xpa9lmcwb
  • 22:07:38: i wish i could figure out why my couch smells like a fresh turkey sandwich...
  • 23:09:17: @mediocreventure that's the thing! I'm the only one here who eats turkey, and I haven't had any in at LEAST a week.

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