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From Twitter 05-04-2010

  • 00:10:37: love the menu in today's Bad Machinery: CHIPS - FISH - PIECHEESEPUDDING SCRAPS
  • 02:49:20: what the leeg, why is my connection being so wonky? I have internet needs, people!
  • 04:10:36: i think someone is trying to tell me something. it's JUST ff.net that's breaky, and it's JUST for me. wtf. I'm not behind a firewall!
  • 04:10:48: perhaps I have tweeted too much. >_>
  • 09:58:42: ungh, coffee
  • 10:09:06: @coollike omfg. you've suddenly become indescribably attractive! next you'll find yourself attracted to celery.
  • 16:40:31: every ship in the Office should have a theme sandwich. Ryan/Kelly can be curried chicken salad.
  • 21:54:51: @diplobrat I haven't even given those guys the Cat Tank yet! CRAP. I'll never be rid of it.

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