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From Twitter 05-01-2010

  • 00:59:00: Video: Today my BFF was totally stressed out and having the worst day ever, but I couldn’t do anything to... http://tumblr.com/xpa9b2qjj
  • 01:08:52: @twiggymcbones oh my dear god in heaven
  • 03:37:49: when all else fails, watch any movie with Kevin Kline.
  • 06:37:52: Reading fashion blogs in the early morning. Shocked to discover: my obsession with gold nails last spring was exactly on-trend. *boggles*
  • 19:34:11: @twiggymcbones well, last fall I really wanted cobalt blue shoes, jet bead jewelry, & skirts w/ structural pockets, but couldn't find them.
  • 19:35:23: For the love of god, won't someone teach my uncle what the difference between reply and reply all is!
  • 19:47:39: Photo: yourfavoriteredhead: Dear yourfavoriteredhead: it is YOUR FAULT that I spent this last week watching... http://tumblr.com/xpa9c646y
  • 20:41:30: Ian has declare that Tristyn's portrait of me makes me into a cross-eyed bowling pin. He's right, but that's okay.
  • 22:02:24: @TimmyMojo hooray! one of us, one of us, one of us *chantchantchant*
  • 22:33:32: @TimmyMojo I've been very anti-facebook for YEARS, now. I feel like it's cost me potential jobs AND friends. I tend not to talk about it.

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