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From Twitter 04-30-2010

  • 15:37:06: someone on jezzie got disemvoweled! I haven't seen that in ages. In other news, I spent money on the Office season 6. SO OKAY FINE IT'S GOOD
  • 16:26:41: Video: mistmobile: The best part of Kick-Ass was the destiny of Best Friend #2 (aka Pippin, as I called him)... http://tumblr.com/xpa9airgo
  • 20:45:32: uuuuuugh my computer is all breaky
  • 20:45:52: @TimmyMojo disemvoweled isn't a pun. It's a portmanteau.
  • 21:54:46: roasting a whole head of garlic is a fun thing to start doing at 10pm!
  • 21:55:09: I'm gonna make a whole hallway of early sleepers dream about italian food.

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May. 2nd, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
Fuck yeeeah The Office is good. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE. What is your favorite episode. I love this show.
May. 3rd, 2010 02:03 am (UTC)
It was really practically unwatchable crap for a while, though, with glimmers of amusement. I stuck it out cuz I knew what happens; if I hadn't known I would have thrown it back into the great lake of TV for being undeveloped. ANYWAY. Now it's good and now I feel attached so I guess I'm stuck watching it. OH WELL.

My favorite character is probably PAM. She reminds me the most of my mom! (who is awesome.) I also really like Kelly, but not so much with Ryan, and I like Oscar because he is the most like me.

My least favorite character, and I'm going to be gutted for this, is Michael. Ugh I can't STAND him. I would have shot him in the face six years ago. I have to smallify the video and skim tumblr or something whenever he starts on one of his monologues. I understand how vital he is to the show and how he's the absurd glue that holds everyone together and without him everyone else would seem 99 times more tragic but omigawd he's just so STUPID. Also, I do not care for the "Isn't Meredith quietly fucked up" jokes. Furthermore, Jim looks WAY too much like my cousin Jonathan, but with a swollen jaw. I think he's reasonably pleasant to look at, and his interactions with Pam are UBER adorable, but he's not some kind of UNF UNF HOTNESS like everyone thinks he is.

I don't have a favorite episode. It all went by in kind of a blur! Apart from loving the Jim/Pam stuff cuz I'm a sucker, I like Jim and Dwight being secret best friends who refuse to acknowledge it. So I guess I like the episode where they have to plan the birthday party for Kelly together. Dwight make brown and grey balloons! IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.
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