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From Twitter 04-28-2010

  • 03:55:06: okay, so the one with Ben Franklin was hilarious. BUT THAT WAS CLEARLY A FLUKE.
  • 10:34:56: @diplobrat not yet! I took a break from Angel. To watch the Office. Hahahahhahahaha *cries*
  • 10:35:41: @diplobrat but for reezy, my thoughts on tv as it relates to fanfic are many and complex and NOBODY CARES about them but me! Yay twitter?
  • 10:55:20: Also, I have to clean MY ENTIRE ABODE within the next six days. This is... an undertaking, to say the least.
  • 11:07:57: and when i say clean, i don't mean tidy. you people just dont underSTAND.
  • 11:41:19: @diplobrat break a leg you crazy cat!
  • 12:45:02: Photo: lamamama: Right, okay, shipping it now. http://tumblr.com/xpa97c04h
  • 15:06:48: Golf!Jim looks WAY too much like my cousin and it's freaking me out~

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