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From Twitter 04-15-2010

  • 16:46:48: doom and gloom and turbotax
  • 18:59:53: I think I did my taxes.
  • 19:00:38: @kevincos the year I went to carnival I went into a GIANT HAM SANDWICH and learned about PROTEIN BINDING. Also giant pickle pillows.
  • 20:31:18: augh, I'm a big pile of jitters!
  • 20:33:50: Photo: themoreridiculousthebetter: I will NEVER get sick of this movie. It is http://tumblr.com/xpa8ohx3v
  • 22:58:33: Replaying Prince of Persia: Version Glowball. It's kinda stressful! Now I know the ending, it won't be MONUMENTALLY SAD-MAKING.

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