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From Twitter 04-06-2010

  • 01:03:56: grr. argh.
  • 05:50:34: buffy you SLUT, don't you know your vagina has the power to rip out souls?!?!?! psht.
  • 05:53:04: I'm really sad that Evil Angel doesn't have an evil goatee. :(((
  • 16:28:48: Photo: lamamama: Hahahaha, this is the kind of shit I DESPISE. Aren’t Hipsters supposed to be self aware?... http://tumblr.com/xpa8aq7qx
  • 16:30:54: @diplobrat I think your missing the little fact that my brain melted a very long time ago.
  • 16:31:16: you're! YOU'RE! omgomg *shoots self* see? told you about the brain melt. :(((
  • 17:37:03: @lonelykazoo Every episode is a METAPHOR! Don't crush on your subs: they're BUG PEOPLE. Don't give it up for an "I love you": They're EVIL!
  • 20:25:24: inexplicably wishing that I had a pet rat again :( they're so cute!
  • 23:45:19: RT @drewtoothpaste: Scientists have synthesized element 117. As the heaviest element, it will be named Yomommium.
  • 23:45:38: Oh yeah, my sense of humor has definitely matured over the years.

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