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From Twitter 04-04-2010

  • 00:06:46: @Lil_hermie oh. em. gee.
  • 00:07:52: @ksorbs I had to kill you in God of War III the other day and I felt HORRIBLE while doing it! It broke my heart. Good job!
  • 01:53:49: feeling.... not so fresh.
  • 05:08:14: blah blah riley blah lovesick whiny stupid idiot milquetoast mcpunchalot emo impossibly obtuse toy soldier. UGH. UGH to Riley. GET ON A BUS.
  • 05:32:24: hey 2nd in command black guy who gets turned evil in the final act, you SWEAR you're not racist BUT YOU ARE! tsk tsk, Whedon. Tsk tsk.
  • 14:14:55: derp de derp, failure at life, dumdedooo~ Also, shark week! OMNOMNOM
  • 18:41:52: so sleepies... today I bought CHICKEN LIVERS. Soon, it shall be chopped liver time. But not now. Now it is nap time..... zzzzzzzz

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