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Plus: she sews

Apparently, Pandora Boxx leaving Rupaul's Drag Race has me so emotionally distraught that last night I had a DREAM about her. Well, him. The thing is, I think that, as a guy, he is super duper adorable and I want to take him home and keep him in my pocket and watch Glee together and talk about shoes and pretend he's my boyfriend so my parents can think I'm dating such a gentleman and so-on. So anyway I had a dream that HE showed up in Seattle and was having trouble understanding, of all things, how to eat right? And apparently, since I live on top of a grocery store, I'm an EXPERT at food (whatever, brain) and took it upon myself to help him. So we had a delightful jaunt around the produce section, but then I referred to him as Pandora and he got all bitchy and freaked out because the whole DRAG QUEEN thing, in my head, was supposed to be a SUPER HUGE SECRET and nobody was supposed to RECOGNIZE him and he stormed off and I was sad! OMG what a weirdo dream! What does this all MEAN??? I think it means that I am mad at Rupaul, is what it means. DAMN YOU RU.

Also it means that my caffeine withdrawal headaches are messing with my dream logic. Why the hell I would have a dream starring drag queens and NOT have a dance segment I cannot say. Stupid brain! I think for part of it we were on rollerskates though.

I want a fricking latte. Pout.