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From Twitter 03-22-2010

  • 02:45:07: tonight in fulfilling stereotypes: Yentl is the BEST MOVIE. *siiiigh* next stop: marrying a doctor.
  • 03:49:45: retroplex is my favorite tv channel, btw. Yentl follow by Back to the Future? oh, Mikey J Foxinator, why are you so swoonful? GO TO BED, ME.
  • 04:02:22: Video: The camera man of Cooking with Dog finally makes an appearance at 1:01! I looooove Cooking with Dog... http://tumblr.com/xpa7p3sak
  • 04:19:16: "I've never seen purple underwear before, Calvin." THIS MOVIE IS DIRTY
  • 17:22:34: @ashleyjanne I support those wedding shoes SO HARD. But you should *bedazzle* the ankle. XD
  • 20:33:49: aaaaaaaaaah whaaaaaales aaaaaaaaaaaack

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