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From Twitter 03-18-2010

  • 00:18:31: Dr. Ian said I should eat bread for feeling so horrible & IT WORKED. BREAD IS MAGIC. ok maybe the tylenol I took 15 minutes before helped?
  • 04:34:56: damn you, otf_wank, now I want a cheeseburger, at 4:30am, after a day full of intestinal distress! BAD DECISION DINOSAUR SAYS DO IT
  • 05:20:08: Cleavage - I’m thinking about going through and unfollowing every tumblr that has naked or overtly sexualized... http://tumblr.com/xpa7jszt1
  • 07:21:35: @badmachinery No not Desmond! Pretty please draw some of The Boy In College aka Eustace@Uni? Is he doing hard liquors and drugs?? Studying??
  • 07:26:07: @badmachinery nooooo lalalallalala i can't hear yoooou
  • 11:44:25: RT @MyWallingford: Former House of Hong owner will open dim sum restaurant in Wallingford http://bit.ly/aLiuwI
  • 11:44:44: dimsumdimsumdimsumdimsummmmmmmmmm

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