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From Twitter 02-26-2010

  • 00:47:57: @TimmyMojo XD well then consider my proposal OFF THE TABLE, horndog.
  • 05:56:55: it's bad of me to watch canadian movies and play the "count the boom mics in the shot" game, right?
  • 07:25:42: charming gay canadian christmas coming of age movie is charming, gay, canadian, christmassy, and coming of agey.
  • 08:04:45: ok i get how netflix can know I like katharine hepburn, but how can it know that I like *giraffes* and katharine hepburn? creeepy
  • 09:30:13: @diplobrat do you want to celebrate your unemployment somehow this weekend?
  • 13:29:32: @diplobrat dear john is the last movie I would ever watch on the planet. I'd rather rent a million hugh grant movies and drink wine.
  • 21:11:49: @themysterygeek poke poke poke let's exchange pointless mind-farts!
  • 21:27:00: Photo: yellowhat: It’s the future! Why aren’t we all wearing these in a rainbow of colors yet?? With... http://tumblr.com/xpa6uvi8r

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