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From Twitter 02-25-2010

  • 00:18:54: lol Riker stop making out with the empathic metamorph with Trill markings! You dog.
  • 00:29:31: omg is this the episode with the bar brawl in Ten Forward? XDXDXD this is like in my top 10 favorite episodes ever~
  • 01:57:57: laundry laundry laundry
  • 02:10:57: got to stop buying things with *pleats*
  • 06:02:47: anyway, DSi XL = Sarah WANT. Brown, plz.
  • 08:17:31: @jamiewatson tie some balloons to your child so you can find her in the snow!
  • 09:49:42: @jamiewatson arming small children is generally considered to be poor parenting. jsyk.
  • 10:56:35: I wish that I could be a nun, minus the God.
  • 22:50:38: @TimmyMojo we should probably get married and run a sexless, atheist parish.

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