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From Twitter 02-20-2010

  • 01:26:59: ice dancing=LOL; evan lysacek=most gracious, attractive, marry-able man ever???
  • 01:27:18: okay so maybe i DO have a "type". Damn you @diplobrat!
  • 02:45:19: @uni0000 my first musical I ever saw was Cats. I don't have a favorite musical. XD
  • 02:52:59: I tire of the watermelons on my twitter. What fruit should I have next??
  • 03:28:49: @twiggymcbones LA is totally a city of demons and temptation! By next week you'll be an atheist crackwhore.
  • 04:20:55: I've just figured out why Lysacek won, AND why I suddenly find him attractive (apart from the Grade A Classiness): epaulets. DAMMIT.
  • 06:11:17: sudden craving for ham at 5:10am. o_o
  • 07:57:00: @jamiewatson kumquats are gross. loquats are where it's at.
  • 20:14:38: Photo: tumblingnoodle: MOSS AUTO REBLOG http://tumblr.com/xpa6n6kwk

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