Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Apparently the ol' noggin has decided that it's NO SLEEP FOR SARAH WEEK. I could understand about Thursday, I mean, I was totally having lady problems and that mucks me up and makes me do things like go downtown and buy $60 shoes (look okay they were originally like $175, they are a fucking STEAL) but I'm so over that by now, what the hell.

I would LOVE to go to sleep right now but it is ELEVEN FORTY IN THE MORNING and that means that if I do go to sleep I won't wake up until about 6pm; it will have been DARK for like an hour, I will want Ian to make stirfry and he'll be all "cooking is complicated" and then either he'll relent and make stirfry and I won't like it because I'll arbitrarily decide that he Did It Wrong or he won't cook and we'll order something delivery and I'll be fat and sad and poor. And then I'll be awake again tomorrow until like 2pm and everything will suck EVEN MORE because people want to be *sociable* this week and I really want to oblige! SCREW YOU SLEEP PROBLEMS AAARGH

Seriously I don't know why I can sleep so easily during the daytime and can't make my brain SHUT UP at night. All night it's just think think think think think. What would sitting in the front row at the Seattle show of Kooza be like? Can I manage to convince my parents to get me two tickets to it for a really really 6 months early birthday present? Who would be my plus one? Megan is really really awesome and she might appreciate it the most but what if I get a boyfriend? Oh god oh god I want a boyfriend SO BAD 'm so LONELY stupid valentine's day, did you know I haven't been kissed in FOUR YEARS? I barely remember what it's LIKE and I wish I could be a real person and go out on DATES but that shit is ridiculous and I want to get MARRIED and have CHILDREN and bringing that up upon meeting someone is the best way to scare him far far away and SPEAKING of children I should really figure out about that thing for iCarly and I should do a reminder post and make some graphics and my banners have been so ugly lately and where is kiden with that fanart i hope her dad is okay and i hope she comes back soon and i wish i could draw why cant i draw i should get out my sketchbook and at least do some doodles and what if i dont ever make anything creative again i should try to think up some fanfic ideas i really want to write some seddie fluff but that is bullshit and it would be totally out of character and fuckng carly and freddie are going to be all gooey eyes at each other for like three more episodes and ugh can the people in the leonard penny comm who just want to bitch about sheldon shut the fuck up and oh yeah i should probably SHUT UP TOO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP

okay this is my desktop, it has giraffes with hats.

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