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From Twitter 02-12-2010

  • 00:34:04: abandoned in the middle of the city in high heels with no sleep. saved only due to the graces of bombastic indian cab driver.
  • 01:49:47: @aergonaut i like to do designs
  • 01:50:14: and fyi, I went to the ballet. pfffft, clubbing. i laf.
  • 14:09:33: @diplobrat GO OUT IN A FLAME OF GLORY
  • 15:30:29: sometimes I like to grab the pudge all over my tummy and walk around talking about my fat-baby. IDK why but this freaks Ian out. :/
  • 17:58:42: Photo: lamamama: Okay you pervs, here’s what we do: We google around until we figure out who is the current... http://tumblr.com/xpa6e08xp
  • 21:22:57: @lazycheskie do you wanna make a discussion post about extended iSaved Your Life? I dont care but ashley said she might? up to you!
  • 21:27:14: @lazycheskie she's @ashleyjanne but idk if she's around, you can go ahead if you like!
  • 22:28:01: @lazycheskie lol wut okay *wasn't aware*
  • 23:27:32: Olympic Opening show thang, you are bein' a CHEESEFEST.
  • 23:31:51: IT'S A BEAR!!!!!

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