Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 02-11-2010

  • 02:20:38: what's something that's *like* hot chocolate that isn't quite so rich? I just don't want the creamy mouthfeel, but I want the taste & heat.
  • 02:25:16: "we love the beefy man when he has the gifts, don't we?" Thanks, CHILD PAGEANT DIRECTOR, FOR SHARING. :( (this was about Santa)
  • 03:38:36: how to set up my laptop for safe viewing when I'm in the bathtub... I'll need boxes and hand towels. And some plastic wrap.
  • 03:45:21: Small influx of new followers on tumblr & twitter (some my fault, some seemingly random) HI GUYS YOU'RE PRETTY AND/OR HANDSOME
  • 05:46:47: Sorry, Japan, but moth monsters are STILL never really scary. Even with teeth.
  • 06:35:17: for the record, my favorite part of inuyasha is the backgrounds. It's like 7 seasons of watercolor scenery porn.
  • 07:11:47: lack of plot progression... getting to me... must... find... closure... *urk*
  • 07:54:04: I think Ian & me have defeated Netflix. We share an account and it's sooooo confused as to what to rec. Bollywood! Dirty Jobs! Robotech??
  • 11:30:39: Screw this, I'm off to Macy's.
  • 16:41:56: I've succumbed. I now own "booties". Can we please call them ankle boots again??? Next week: blossom hat.

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