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From Twitter 02-07-2010

  • 02:10:52: @ashleyjanne actually that isn't bad! That could be v-dayish OR it could be about a DANCE BATTLE >:O
  • 02:13:16: @ashleyjanne lol OR a black history challenge. that would be hard considering the ONE black character on iCarly. :(((((
  • 02:35:32: lawls, inuyasha eating steak is genius adorable. i only like the fluffy episodes. can I just get an edit of those?
  • 02:36:26: @aergonaut the book isn't nearly as great as the movie, despite what many gaiman fangirls say. That COAT! With the saffron lining! I DIE!
  • 03:13:59: lol translation censorship "you unfilial son!" yeah right and when I want to call someone a motherfucker I say "you indiscriminate lover!"
  • 05:35:45: fansites, a scourge on all your horribly photoshopped crappy top banners!
  • 05:46:20: @lazycheskie yes! lesson learned: make banners for every site that has a sucky one, even fandoms I'm not in.
  • 08:19:01: oh my jesus, why didn't i stop to check and see that this fic is SIXTY TWO CHAPTERS LONG? anime fandom, you're dead to me. again.
  • 11:33:06: @ashleyjanne We should pretend that Freddie is at least a little Latino so we can pretend there's diversity.
  • 11:34:14: After 29 chapters, all long-form fics turn into the same story. Am I reading Harry Potter? Inuyasha? Doctor Who? IDENTICAL.
  • 11:35:25: Also, HAPPY #PUPPYBOWL DAY! #puppybowl needs to trend. it's the only one I've ever cared about. #puppybowl!
  • 20:08:33: Surprise! Somnolent! Cheerleader! Bunnies!
  • 21:30:59: @aergonaut you should HOST fancy parties.
  • 22:42:30: jim carrey i'm sorry but i can never accept you as a romantic lead.
  • 23:39:03: Photo: I still love all four of these girls and think about them regularly. http://tumblr.com/xpa68u7kc

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