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From Twitter 02-06-2010

  • 02:20:28: bleh. tired of not having any value. ugh, I probably DO need a blog. *ruminates*
  • 20:10:51: Sarah Palin makes a bad name for all Sarahs with H's. Also, I bet she would plotz if she woke up Buddhist one day.
  • 20:17:10: that's it. Somebody rewrite Freaky Friday with a fictional Sarah Palin and a NYC cab driver. BOX OFFICE GOLD.
  • 21:09:32: chocolate fig ice cream is magical
  • 23:31:30: @ashleyjanne you have to help me pick a STC theme so I can have the banner ready to go tomorrow 1st thing~
  • 23:32:09: @ashleyjanne it seems I'm the only one who doesn't want a valemtimesy fing :( so what can it be that isn't SUPER CHEESY?

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