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From Twitter 02-05-2010

  • 02:27:59: I'm in an incredibly awful mood today, so I donated $15 to help Haiti. I feel a little better. :/
  • 04:08:45: Criminy, can tumblr get a cut function? - I’m just sayin’. http://tumblr.com/xpa65l2rb
  • 04:19:59: Photo: This is a photo of my grandpa, Alan Buxbaum. He was a looker! He’s dead now, but when I was little... http://tumblr.com/xpa65la90
  • 04:37:24: there appear to be hamsters in a "blimp" flying over this year's Puppy Bowl. I AM SO THERE.
  • 07:54:41: @jamiewatson They have kitten half time EVERY YEAR.
  • 07:55:25: season three inuyasha increase in animation budget, I SEE YOU *points* mucho lamesauce opening song tho *pout*
  • 07:56:37: Clearly I should only drink after midnight. Drinking earlier lets me process and then I'm wide awake again. FOR TWELVE MORE HOURS. >:(
  • 08:02:38: @jamiewatson You gotta wait till Super/Puppy Bowl Sunday! Jeez! But AP has a youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/animalplanettv w/ clips
  • 08:47:08: gosh i forgot how people in anime fandoms actually know how to code websites! how refreshing.
  • 10:52:58: readin' fic: "They trod along the ancient forest paths that wound their way through the ancient forests, long forgotten by man." OOPS.
  • 10:58:30: like, guys, i'm totally trying to convey the ancientiness and the forestiness but I just can't think of the *words*....
  • 12:36:53: protip: don't use the verb "erected" in the middle of a shmoopy love scene.
  • 22:07:03: @aergonaut I'm so extremely jealous. I'm trying to find people to go to the opera with me but nobody's willing to shell out the cash.
  • 22:15:37: @aletheajoy the best Voyager fanfiction is the show itself.

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