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speccygeekgrrl, the queen of memes, made me do this.

Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten people/places/things you love that begin with that letter, afterward post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

She gave me E. So, in alphabetical order:

1. Earthships ~ "An Earthship is a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials." http://www.earthship.net/ One of my many dreams involve living in such a place. I would love to live in a covered-earth home, and truly make myself live in harmony with my surroundings. I'm not a crazy vegan or a crazy nutjob extremist about anything, but I have always coveted these types of homes, which often have glorious organic architecture, sweeping clay supports and handmade glass windows and moss roofs. When I went through an architecture phase I started drawing out plans for something like an Earthship before I even knew they existed. I have a fantasy one in my head, set into a hill in Scotland (ah, fantasy) with little glass-bubble windows peeking out the top and a big, sweeping frontpiece that would let me have a light-filled studio, and an interior brook running through the back. I live there with a professor who teaches in Glasgow, he has jackets with patches on the elbows and together we have ginger Scottish babies and have many, many books, and a library with a globe in it. Uh... where was I? Earthships are cool.

2. Eclectic ~ this is a word that is often used to describe me. I have what can only be labeled as eclectic tastes in music, fashion, and interior decorating. It's certainly not a matter of liking *everything*, though. I'm very very picky, but the things that I care for come from all across the spectrum. I find that I dislike people who are committed to one style of anything. It's fine to have a primary appreciation, say, for retro pencil skirts, but if that's the only thing you want to put on the bottom half of your body, ugh, chances are I'll get sick of you right quick. And I like retro pencil skirts! Anyway I think you all get what I'm saying.

3. Eggs ~ they rank among my top five favorite foods, alongside black tea with honey, lobster, raw english peas, and pumpkin pie. Put an egg on top of nearly anything and I will like it better. Eggs are pleasing in form and pleasing in function. Eggs come in lots of colors and different flavors. Eggs are elegant. Eggs are the beginning of life, an enduring symbol of the female, and something to be cherished. I find the contrast of the egg's sacred identity with its aspect as a utilitarian source of protein and often the most sure-fire promise of nutrition and sometimes a living to be quite fascinating.

4. Elvis Costello ~ one of my favorite musicians of all time. OF ALL TIME. If you think your favorite musician is cool? Elvis Costello is COOLER. If you think your favorite musician is versatile? Elvis Costello is MORE VERSATILE. One time I had a dream where I was in an amusement park and I went to see Elvis Costello in concert and he got off the stage and climbed up to my seat and sang a song straight to me and I woke up full of more glee and joy than I had in years and have since. And that was just a dream.

5. Embroidery ~ my mom taught me how to embroider and it's one of my favorite things to do. I do crewel embroidery, which is with wool yarn, and goes a little faster than floss embroidery. It also is great for building up interesting texture effects. I love the feeling of finishing a petal or filling in a letter or something - it's like a little jolt of satisfaction. I wish I could embroider on planes. Stupid TSA. *grumble* I'm always tempted to embroider my clothes, but I feel like I should probably get really good before I try that.

6. Enterprise ~ the finest ship in Starfleet. Need I say more? Oh yes. REVERSE THE POLARITY OF THE DEFLECTOR DISH.

7. Epaulets ~ are those things on the shoulders of jackets and shirts that come up from the shoulder and button along the collar? I have a serious fetish for them. I love love LOVE LOVE epaulets. If something has epaulets, I automatically like it ten times more than without. I love hauling on boys wearing shirts with epaulets by the shoulders like they have handles. If a celebrity is photographed wearing something withe epaulets, I'll probably think they are hot. I don't know why I have such a thing for them but UNF, epaulets. Now you know my secrets!

8. Erotica ~ who doesn't enjoy the sexy written word now and again? It's my primary form of naughty entertainment, because I'm just too visual of a person. I hate watching porn, especially if I can see faces. How will I ever identify with the people after that? Erotica is where it's at. It can be hilarious and ridiculous and charming, or hilarious and ridiculous and offensive (and thus fascinating to me), or engaging and hot, or hilarious and hot, or any number of things. Also, super major bonus, most of it is free. In fandom there is far less stigma about erotica than elsewhere, but I find adult fanfic to be pretty much unreadable junk most of the time, and useless for my purposes, apart from making fun of it. This is a source of consternation to me. But anyway, me likey. (hi mom, you're totally reading this.)

9. Ether ~ when your MP runs low, you'll love this, too. Also, a pretty fantastic aspect of philosophy and alchemy that's really sort of fallen into the background these days. But if you're ever reading up on old alchemical mystic beliefs or symbols (like I tend to do in my spare time for some reason, maybe I'm a wizard), all the bits about ether are especially interesting.

10. Etymology ~ finding out where words come from and why they are what they are has always interested me, from when I was as young as I can remember. I like to read nonfiction etymology books for fun. Just today, I learned that the word grocer comes from the fact that spice sellers would buy in large quantities, aka grosses. Did you know that most curse words in English are short and sharp and the way they are because they are earlier forms of English and super fancypants noblemen from conquering lands devalued the original language into words only unclean gross people would say? This is the sort of stuff I put in my head instead of useful things.
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