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From Twitter 02-02-2010

  • 03:25:39: Time for shoooooooojooooooooooo (is it shonen tho CANT TELL. I'm watchin' it for the shojo and YOU CANT STOP ME)
  • 04:19:40: opening theme for season 2 inuyasha is fricking AWESOME. it hits all my "we're adventuring! wheeeee" buttons. I'm a sucker.
  • 04:46:49: @stepheniealice I never watched the show at all, so I'm working my way through it. I'm a completionist. START TO FINISH OR NOTHING.
  • 09:00:20: inuyasha, stop dragging this out, jeeeeez. it's even worse cuz i know i have like 130 episodes to go, too...
  • 09:00:55: probably tomorrow i'm gonna go trawling for retro inuyasha fic. were there fic awards back in the day maybe?
  • 15:18:49: @kevincos everybody dies!!
  • 17:56:50: slow day on the internet cuz everyone's offline to avoid lost spoilers. siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
  • 18:46:45: If people don't want their pictures used as inspiration for other works of art, we shouldn't be looking at them in the first place.
  • 19:24:46: ragey rage. ugh sometimes I wish I had a real blog where I could BLOG about my ARTISTIC IDEALS. and FEMINISM.
  • 19:57:57: @aergonaut @raxvulpine These days I treat my LJ like a public space, where I talk about fandom stuff almost entirely.
  • 19:58:30: @aergonaut and I won't make one because it'd be a self-aggrandizing cycle for me and god knows I don't need that
  • 20:00:54: @kevincos so we have this game called Small World. You wanna plaaaaaaaay it?
  • 20:03:35: anywayyyyy.... COLLARDS TIME
  • 21:13:25: ugh i'm in such a bad mood that i'm drinking a beer. Those who know me IRL will know that this is EXTREMELY atypical.

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