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From Twitter 01-31-2010

  • 04:38:19: contemplating watching InuYasha, since it appears to be on hulu en toto. I know this is a dark path to travel. Next week: I'll be a furry.
  • 04:55:53: @raxvulpine ugh no liking humans is bestial ENOUGH for me thxvm
  • 04:57:40: anyway mmmmmmmm 1990s anime you'll always be my favorite. watercolor BGs and HUGE hair... *nostalgia*
  • 05:14:14: okay okay okay so episode ONE of inuyasha is Legit Awesome. But I totally don't see how you can drag this thing out to A MEELYON episodes.
  • 05:19:48: pairing long-form birth control advertising with retro anime MIGHT not be the most well-targeted choice, hulu ad people.
  • 05:41:58: oh my GAWD inuyasha that shizz is CONTRIVED. a BAJILLION fragments ALL OVER JAPAN. This is ridiculous. I call shenanigans.
  • 05:42:29: Apologies, btw, to people who have to scroll past my nocturnal media consumption deposits on their twitter feeds. DEAL WITH IT.
  • 06:59:10: All the evil people in InuYasha go to the same makeup artist, who applies horrible eye-liner on everyone.
  • 08:15:05: kagome is so mean she keeps breaking all of these bridges with inuyasha's face. the villagers worked HARD on those! >:(
  • 08:45:23: I know I shouldn't get worked up about abuse of the timeline in Inuyasha but i AM, oh, i AM. Actions in the past CHANGE THE FUTURE, JEEZ.
  • 09:45:49: @ashleyjanne YOU CAN DO IT (write fencer fic in your head)
  • 11:48:15: yep nope I've definitely become a furry
  • 11:50:42: @kunalnayyar I suspect it's because they don't leave the nest until they are big enough to fly, which is pretty much full-grown.

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