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From Twitter 01-30-2010

  • 05:46:43: on watching queer cinema: why do I enjoy movies about gay guys, but find movies about lesbians excruciatingly dull? BAH. HUMBUG.
  • 06:03:54: oh yes, because movies about gay men are HILARIOUS. Well. The good ones are. Good movies about lesbians involve thought and who needs THAT
  • 06:22:36: okay so excellent movies about gay guys involve thought too but DANGIT they're STILL more entertaining to me. I must be straight(ish).
  • 07:32:50: Am I allowed to be nostalgic for the 90s yet? I miss spice girls fashion statements. :(
  • 23:14:58: I have met people from the INTERNET. Apparently I was the life of the party? I call bullshit.

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