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From Twitter 01-29-2010

  • 01:21:33: @twiggymcbones i know that our taste in men diverges on many occasions but you can trust me at least a LITTLE. *saucy wink*
  • 03:18:46: Quick everyone go turn on the Scifi channel, "Bad Blood" is on! BEST EPISODE OF XFILES AMIRITE
  • 03:29:27: The more I (re)watch X-Files the more I realize that *I'm* the Mulder in this situation. I wish Ian was a hot redhead.
  • 03:31:44: Also the lesson I should take away from this revelation is that I should shut up more often. And have fluffier hair.
  • 03:35:08: And I need a really hot, bespoke trenchcoat with a crimson lining.
  • 03:45:11: Always carry sunflower seeds. THEY SAVE LIVES.
  • 03:54:22: No Scully No the bucktooth vampire sheriff is DRUGGIN YEW!
    If anything this episode proves Mulder is straight.
  • 04:33:43: nobody is gonna get the joke where i just the phrase "gently caress" in this fic i'm writing
  • 04:34:14: just? USE. get we get a two minute tweet edit window already SERIOUSLY twitter people
  • 05:55:35: 2399 words into this fic and NO END IT SIGHT WTF
  • 06:23:46: optimum optimum optimum optimum's a good word optimum
  • 07:13:34: DAMN. canonical error in my fic! Stupid refusal to rewatch the boring ass episode! Rrrrrrrage
  • 07:14:13: @jamiewatson :O Oh my goodness! I hope it's an easy fix. *worries*
  • 07:25:03: I think Fic of Hell is DONE! Now I have to reread it nooooooooo
  • 08:56:31: okay iCarly people you should go read my fic now http://tinyurl.com/yc7cc5x AND JOIN 5_4_3_2 SRSLY http://tinyurl.com/yerqhl7
  • 10:15:34: @lazycheskie girl you sure know how to compliment a lady
  • 11:18:11: It seems a running theme in my fanfic is Sam having an obsession with corn. This predates the corn in iThink They Kissed. my brain = weird.
  • 18:52:58: fandom secret anon meme, you are going to waste my ENTIRE DAY.
  • 21:26:51: i am a bad fan. I apparently have no desire to watch the new episode of iCarly? Someone else put up the discussion thread and poll PLZ
  • 22:10:22: tumblingnoodle: Gin tastes like twigs and sadness. Vodka or Whiskey or GTFO. http://tumblr.com/xpa5ytprl
  • 23:08:12: okay icarly you've redeemed yourself.

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