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Hey so, I suck at posting on my own actual LJ, but I assure you that I'm alive and all. I'm just posting on my iCarly comm and such.

Anyway, um... I promise I'll get around to writing those promised drabbles. I kind of had a freakout about them - I tried to sit down and write them and I had SERIOUS hardcore writer's block. I haven't written a damn thing in weeks, probably more like months, I'm not sure what's different, I'm just.... not being creative right now. In my experience, though, these are the times I go the most crazy. Also driving me crazy: my t key is sticking. GOD. Is there any phrase that doesn't use the letter t? Right, so, brief resolution: be more creative, or something, i dunno.

Meanwhile I'm trying to tweak the way 5_4_3_2's challenges are run, I'm sure this will work against me and gain my comm *further* reputation as being all about rules and how I apparently have a giant stick up my ass and blah blah blah well SCREW YOU PEOPLE, maybe I *do*. But that doesn't mean my *community* is a direct reflection of me, nor do I *want* it to be. God, if that were the case, don't you think I'd make a website for my own? Siiiiiigh, anyway, I hate being disliked. ASTOUNDING I KNOW.

That might have made no sense to people, even people who know what i'm talking about, but rest assured, I've ingested a sleeping pill, so I have an excuse.