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From Twitter 01-24-2010

  • 17:16:07: deposited only maybe 1/8th of my thoughts on yaoi/challenge structure.

    Why'd I have to eat all the turkey? :(
  • 17:16:22: ...those were two unrelated thoughts, btw.
  • 18:15:42: Hello do you enjoy reading homophobia wank on fandom secrets? Well then, today is your day! (and #144 is your number)
  • 19:10:43: @jamiewatson the air blowing machine or the lense-flipping machine? BECAUSE THE AIR BLOWING MACHINE IS EVIL.
  • 22:01:53: @jamiewatson there are a lot of different mechanisms to do that, it depends on the technology your optician has. (cont)
  • 22:02:51: @jamiewatson the air blowing thing's a diagnostic test & it shoots a burst of air INTO YOUR EYE & it FREAKS ME OUT. Everything else is cake.
  • 23:05:19: Am I a bad person because I want to have twin girls & name them Gem and Minerva??
  • 23:43:30: @obsessive0514 yeah and Minerva would be Minnie and then they could be GEMINI GET IT OMG *goes to hell*

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