Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 01:42:10: my potato will not bake! rraarrrrggghhhhhhhh
  • 01:56:56: @aergonaut i'm going to pretend it's my influence.
  • 02:21:59: @aergonaut mwuahahahhaahahah! It's okay, when I was in college I had a phase where my favorite color was orange. People change.
  • 03:17:21: I love that to write dialogue for Wolverine you have to actively write *bad* dialogue for any other character ever.
  • 03:17:58: "You've caged the wrong animal, BUB." XDXDXDXD I'd still hit it like a ton of bricks, tho.
  • 04:26:39: @jamiewatson here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzzJZs--YZM
  • 06:58:01: Community: not funny, but character developy! I have mixed feelings.
  • 20:06:07: i have toesox with grippy rubber things on the bottom! they are blue with teal and yellow stripe!
  • 20:07:57: Photo: Seriously, I’m going to marry him. http://tumblr.com/xpa5rdbbt
  • 20:49:32: oh my gaaaahd LJ is down for HOURS what's going to HAPPEN to meeeee
  • 23:06:11: lalallala colorin' femmeslash lalalalala PS damn you Jackie for making a BACKGROUND wtf is this shit :D

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