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From Twitter 01-20-2010

  • 00:18:33: trying to figure out how to best digitize the family cookbook... what's an easily printable blog style my mom can learn?
  • 00:20:43: also I'm officially an old lady because Colin Firth got dreamy.
  • 01:23:47: today is such a slow day on the internet! at this rate I'm going to have to read a book or something!
  • 01:37:10: my cat will only eat sardines after they've been mashed with mustard and tomato paste. freak.
  • 04:00:11: OKAY I resolve that tomorrow i will go through the storage thingies in my LR NO MATTER WHAT if I don't somebody think up a punishment for me
  • 06:46:52: @ashleyjanne make the first one of YOUR BUTT
  • 07:38:34: @ashleyjanne so I found tinkerbell 2 electric boogaloo for watchin'! AND there's TWO MORE in production. I say we RUN WITH IT.
  • 08:32:37: cutest. movie. ever.
  • 10:48:18: @kunalnayyar tweeze!
  • 11:48:37: Photo: Oh, hai thar. >_> I’ll be your chicken to chase, any day. What can I say, I like a guy who can pull... http://tumblr.com/xpa5p6fmk
  • 23:01:58: uuugh creddie makeouts are all up on my PC now. Can my show PLEASE get back to being about SHENANIGANS now???

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