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From Twitter 01-18-2010

  • 01:29:32: @lazycheskie you don't import it. It's clickable from your google calendar account. You can add events to it and stuff. Look, see (cont')
  • 01:30:07: @lazycheskie when you're looking at the calendar all you do is CLICK on a day or time and add stuff to the 5432 calendar, not your own.
  • 01:30:38: @lazycheskie it's not something you import. The calendar exists on google, we can all see & make changes to it.
  • 01:33:42: Photo: yellowhat: That chair needs a little friend, at an angle, see, yes, just like that. He’s saying,... http://tumblr.com/xpa5mshlc
  • 03:07:52: so I watched Iron Man the other day for the 1st time; ever since I've been wanting to watch it for the 1st time again. WHEN'S THE SEQUEL?
  • 03:45:31: being clever is HARD
  • 07:31:22: @diplobrat or you could wash your keyboard with q-tips and purell.
  • 10:56:37: @jamiewatson no! he should get a transplant from the family corgis!
  • 10:57:32: Dear internet people: Please reserve the term "epic" for things that will actually deserve placement in an epic, be it poem or wiki entry.
  • 11:22:49: @kevincos you're making me ANGRY WITH RAGE
  • 11:54:38: Photo: This will go on the discussion post on 5_4_3_2 this afternoon. I’m kinda proud of it. I think it is... http://tumblr.com/xpa5n6d7c
  • 17:44:55: @diplobrat lol i knew it! no way those were still teeny tiny.
  • 18:26:13: ugh. don't wanna watch icarly... -_-;
  • 19:03:04: iCarly why can't you be more like 30 Rock.
  • 19:03:46: @LindsayLoFAN they were incredibly BORING! Srsly that's just yawn-filled TV right there.
  • 19:14:40: @obsessive0514 should Spencer be Tracy or Kenneth? Or... Liz??
  • 19:35:51: @obsessive0514 That makes Sam Jack and Frank! Carly is also Jenna sometimes. Freddie is sometimes Twofer.
  • 20:40:55: lol the jeopardy people don't know the answers to any of the fashion questions! XD
  • 23:35:21: @ashleyjanne omg u r ded 2 me seddie 4eva i puke evry tiem they kissed it was sooo grrroooooooossssslolololo xdxdxdxd

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