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From Twitter 01-17-2010

  • 01:29:34: Photo: squoctobird: What the what! Katamari AND Trek? Auto-reblog! http://tumblr.com/xpa5lqc8t
  • 02:23:58: whine i'm sad my movie wouldnt play and i'm sleepy and i paid money for this dvd and i dont wanna. whine whine whine.
  • 15:56:42: oh dammit i've been putting off my modly DUTIES :O
  • 17:31:16: @sconepop have fun with the poly furries! :D
  • 18:08:15: oh my GAWD sarah should NOT have a mocha AND a brownie, it makes her JITTERY and talk in the 3rd PERSON asjhgafhsgf FLEEBIN HOIBIN
  • 23:29:59: @lazycheskie sign into gmail. all the way at the top you should see a list which includes "calendar". Click it!
  • 23:45:51: Photo: fuckyeahpeterpan: Oh, my. Where the heck can I get these leaf lights??? (Yeah, that’s what I’m... http://tumblr.com/xpa5mppje
  • 23:50:27: Saw Dr. Parnassusususus. It was the most uneven Gilliam film! But not by most people's standards. Hrmph.
  • 23:51:13: @kunalnayyar Why're you such a tease? Once I had a dream about you, but we were watching baseball and eating nachos, not cuddling! Lame. ;P
  • 23:53:12: the golden globes: I am officially not interested.

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